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Child Planting in Greenhouse

Becoming Self-Sufficient

It is the gap between what is and what needs to be. For northwest Georgia residents, the biggest obstacle appears to be finding a descent paying job. It’s also learning how to manage money, sitting down to a good, nutritious meal each day or breaking free of a dependency on drugs or alcohol. In the end, it’s having an opportunity and the motivation to change your circumstances and the belief the choices you make can lead to a better life.

Almost a year ago, NGCA, Inc. contracted with SA Howell, Inc. to perform a Community Needs Assessment. It involved reaching out to churches, schools, community groups, businesses, housing and governmental agencies. Basically every community member across the 11 counties NGCA, Inc. serves had a seat at this table.

Statistical data, historical information and other metrics were also analyzed to develop a comprehensive overview of where our community stands right now – and what needs to happen to best support friends, family and residents who all call northwest Georgia home.


The report was presented to the NGCA Board of Directors on April 11, 2018 and approved to be distributed to the public. It is an interesting read about the place you call home. Click here to access the 2018-2020 NGCA, Inc.’s Assessment Needs report. If you are interested in reviewing the supporting documents, which includes surveys, analysis and survey responses, please click here.

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